Altro Vinyl Flooring

Altro is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of interior surfaces, founded in the UK in 1919.

For Education: Interior surfaces that deliver a safe environment, without compromising your need for ease of maintenance, design options and durability

For healthcare: Interior surfaces that deliver to your need for hygienic, slip resistant and anti-MRSA solutions in addition to superb designs

Altro Suprema spec
Thor Valhalla Mercury Njord Zeus Freja Jupiter Orpheus Aphrodite Balder Minerva Helios Poseidon Pegasus Heimdall Apollo Ull Odin Neptune

Altro Maxis spec
Calibre Conquest Intrepid Pinnacle Vanquish Aspire Fusion Universe Summit Merit Endeavour Epic

Altro Designer 25 spec
Bone Biscuit Rosa Fog Victoria Rust Skyline Teal Storm Midnight Twilight Jet

Altro Marine 20 spec
Candy Verdant Dune Moya Bone Fog Pacific White Splash

Altro Timbersafe spec
Oak Beech Chestnut Pine Cherry Walnut

Altro Transflor
VM20 SAS Grey


Marley / Tarkett

Eclipse PUR spec
Chamois Cappuccino Latte Chocolate Tuscan Biscuit Terracotta Mexican Spice Coolmint Eden Holly Pine Green Clear Blue Surf Azure Storm Ice Frost Granite Jet Lemon Beach Sunflower Fresh Orange Luscious Pink Calming Lilac Amethyst Chilli Red

Safetred Aqua spec
Tiger Antelope Gazelle Leopard Mink Jaguar Eland Oryx Otter Puma Boar Impala

Safetred Dimension spec
Arkwright Edison Whittle Napier Fahrenheit Bessemer Baird Jenner Rutherford Brunel Darwin Fleming Stephenson Newton Lumiere Cavendish

Safetred Universal spec
Jupiter Pulsar Moon Orion Venus Mercury Nebula Quasar Triton Constellation Pegasus Zodiac Comet Neutron Solar Draco